Health professions education for 21st century workshop

Within the ReFEEHS project final event, Workshop entitled „Health professions education for 21st century“ has been organized. Assoc Prof Martin Henman from the University of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Afonso Cavaco from the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Pharmacy, and prof Ljiljana Tasić from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Pharmacy, has presented the most important issues related to the topic of the Workshop. The workshop has served as a corner stone for defining of paths within project results sustainability.

The agenda is available here

The list of participants is available here.

Presentations are available here:

Martin Henman: Is educating pharmacists to be competent enough for the future of the profession?

Afonso Miguel Cavaco: Why clinical communication skills really matter? Some examples of effective teaching and learning methods

Ljiljana Tasić: Qualification and professional development of pharmacist – academic perspective


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Final Symposium, University of Belgrade Rectorate

The Final Symposium was held in Rectorate of the University of Belgrade on 10th October 2018 year. Tatjana Cvetkovski from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development, Ivana Živadinović from the National Erasmus+ office and  Prof Ljiljana Tasić, project coordinator, has given introductory remarks, and presented the essential information and the importance of the ReFEEHS activities, results and outputs. Assoc. Prof. Dusanka Krajnović (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Pharmacy) presented the Experiential education working group activities, outputs and documents that were produced. Thereafter, Prof. Zoran Komazec (University of Novi Sad – Faculty of Medicine) presented the results of the Interprofessional education working group activities including the handbook “Interprofesional education” that was published as one of the results. Results of the third working group “Teaching competencies development” presented Assist. Prof. Miloš Bajčetić (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Medicine). At the end, the panel discussion “Impacts and contributions of the ReFEEHS project in improvement of the health professionals’ higher education in the Republic of Serbia” was organized. The final symposium was finished with the ceremony of the awarding certificates to the graduates of Teaching Competencies Development program by Prof Nada Kovacevic, program coordinator.


The agenda is available here.

You can see the presentations from the Final symposium below:

Dušanka Krajnović: Experiential education working group activities outputs

Zoran Komazec: Interprofessional education working group activities outputs

Miloš Bajčetić: Teaching competencies development working group activities outputs


The handbook “Interprofesional education” is available here

The list of participants is available here

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