Contemporary education of health professionals is determined by the increasingly rapid knowledge growth in biomedical sciences, status of regulated profession and demand for experiential and interprofessional teaching and learning activities as foundation for future interprofessional collaborative practice in patient centred care. It is also recognised that educational reforms must be addressed by the community health needs.

ReFEEHS project objectives are:

1. Reinforcement and modernization of experiential education (clinical experience, students’ professional practice) curricula in health sciences, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing.

2. Introduction of interprofessional teaching and learning activities, including new joint interprofessional courses for all health science students.

3. Teaching Competencies Development of academic staff and teacher practitioners, including introduction of Teaching Certificate study programme.

Fulfilment of the project objectives will contribute to improved competencies of health science students and health professionals, increased level of collaboration within the healthcare team, and ultimately to improved patient care and positive health outcomes.

In order to achieve this, intensive cooperation with EU partner institutions and mobilization of all the relevant stakeholders in Serbia is anticipated to identify the needs for change, explore potential new models and approaches and develop the framework for experiential education based on well-defined competencies and their assessment; innovative teaching, learning and assessment methods, including ICT support for blended learning and effective communication between students, academic staff and teacher practitioners; high standards and quality assurance of educational process and teaching competencies development of academic staff and teacher practitioners (clinical staff engaged in experiential education).

The project management structure was officially adopted at the kick-off meeting.