Current practice and challenges in education within the health professions

ReFEEHS Project Thematic Workshop 1 (Kragujevac, April 1, 2016)


The Project Thematic Workshop 1 “Current practice and challenges in education within the health professions” was held in Kragujevac, Serbia, on April 1st and included three plenary presentations, concerning current recommendations and expectations in health professions education, Serbian national framework for health professions education and harmonization with the EU Directive and review on the ReFEEHS Project as a framework for health professionals education improvement. Following the introduction, specific issues of current practice and challenges in medical, dental, pharmacy and nursing education in Serbia were discussed in four separate presentations. Two workshops were carried out, in which academic staff, medical doctors, doctors of dental medicine, pharmacists, nurses and students took part. The first workshop tackled the issue of the role of professional and regulatory organizations in the education of health professionals and the second one challenges and opportunities for interprofessional education.

Meeting presentations:

Meeting proceedings can be found here.

ReFEEHS working groups and Steering Committee meetings were held on Day 2. Detailed reports on recent activities and further plans for experiential and interprofessional education, as well as teaching competences development were stated and discussed. Additionally, quality assurance and dissemination&exploitation plans were discussed and had been accepted by project committee members.

You can see the workshop report here.

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