Visit 3 to Trinity College Dublin

Visit 3 to Trinity College Dublin (from 19th to 21st of September, 2017)


Academic staff from four Serbian universities visited The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Trinity College Dublin in the period September 19-21, 2017. Presentations and discussions were held with topics regarding competences based on outcomes and their implementation, education in dentistry and pharmacy competences, as well as learning based on experience for pharmacists and physiotherapists in the Republic of Ireland. The Irish College of General Practitioners is presented to deal with training and education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, accreditation of specialist training programmes in general practice, membership in general practice, public relations and interaction with the media on behalf of the profession and promotion of continuing education, professional development and research. Academic staff visits to the Dublin Dental School & Hospital and Medical School.

Working group meetings were held on the first day of the structured study visit. Consortium Meeting was also held on the first day of the structured study visit with the participation of the representatives from University of Pecs and the University of Sofia

Meeting presentations are available below.

  1. Introduction to Structured Study Visit 3 – Prof. Martin Henman
  2. Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland-Role of the regulator – PSI
  3. Pharmacy (integrated) programme experiential learning – Asst. Prof. Theo Ryan
  4. Clinical Assessment and Quality Assurance
  5. Developing Teaching Competencies in Academic Staff – Dr Ciara O’Farrell
  6. Summary of the Dental Science – Prof. Derek Sullivan
  7. Irish College of General Practitioners – Ivana Pericin, ICGP Research Dept.; Dr Karena Hanley, National Director of GP Training; Aoife McBride, ICGP Professional Competence Scheme Dept.


Agenda is available here.

List of participants is available here.

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